Defining what it means to teach Pilates
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At Pilates Chicago, our mission is to train instructors who rise above the drills of 'teaching exercises' and cultivate the art of 'teaching people'.

Our philosophy holds the belief that Pilates instructors are both teachers and an eternal students with an education to proficiently utilize Pilates exercises, as well as a curiosity, open-mind, and basis of scientific understand to continually pursue further education. 

Pilates Chicago Instructor Training is on of the most personalized programs available in the field today. Our dedicated faculty of comprehensively trained instructors will mentor you every step of the way to discovering who you are as a teacher.


Pilates Chicago Instructor Training Program is unique because we value individualized mentorship, rather than a "cookie-cutter" educational process. We only offer comprehensive training to a small amount of students and maintain a student to instructor ratio no greater than 5:1.


Our primary goal is to be strong mentors so all of our attendees come out with a deep understanding of the body and consider the Pilates repertoire to be the tools to assist in the development of optimal movement and functioning.

Graduates of our program have found themselves sought after in the job field nationwide and feel they have the skills and understanding to be creative and unique instructors while firmly maintaining the use of traditional Pilates exercises. As of 2018, we are proud to share that our students have 100% pass rate on the Pilates Method Alliance National Certification Exam.

Pilates Chicago may assists graduates in finding employment but completion of the program does not guarantee employment. 

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Jen here.

While I never intended to expand our training program beyond our simple Chicago studio, sometimes you meet people who change your perspective! 

Michelle Koton of MPower Pilates in Sydney is one of those people!  I am proud to have Michelle facilitating our intimate, holistic , hands-on training program in her studio in Bondi Beach.   This new partnership has started off strong! 

Check out these pics from my most recent visit down under!

The Six Modules








This portion of the program is divided into 4 modules with breaks in between. Each module contains

  • Primary Apparatus education

  • Accessory Apparatus, such a Magic Circle or Barrels

  • Teaching skills Considerations for Specific Populations

  • Anatomy and Biomechanics

  • Program Design

  • Professional Skills

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