QUESTION:  Once I have completed your program, will I be "Certified"?
ANSWER:  Pilates Chicago is a proud member of the Pilates Method Alliance Registery of Schools. This means our program has been reviewed and approved by a 3rd party, non-biased organization which has verified our credentials as well as the content of the program.
 When you complete our program, you receive a Certificate of Completion which qualifies you to teach worldwide. It also qualifies you to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certification exam. The word "certification" legally refers to a 3rd party, accredited credential.   The PMA is the only nationally accredited certifying body for Pilates.  
We are proud to share that Pilates Chicago trainees have a 100% pass rate on the national exam!  We make sure you are ready for the Pilates work force!
QUESTION: There are so many programs, what makes Pilates Chicago different?
ANSWER: Pilates Chicago strives to return to the old days of apprenticeship-based training.  Before Pilates hit the mainstream, there were no such thing as Pilates training programs.  If you spent a lot of time and deeply invested yourself in the work, your teacher might prepare you to help the newer students that came to the studio until eventually you were a teacher.  
With our remarkable 3:1 student-teacher ratio, you will never be without a mentor guiding you along every step of the way to help you find yourself as a teacher and expert in the work.   Our entire facutly work as a team to provide individual support and attention.
QUESTION:  How long has Pilates Chicago been training instructors?
ANSWER: Jennifer and Matthew Zumann took on their first apprentices in 2003 and by 2005 it had grown into a full-fledged program.  We have trained hundreds of instructors who are sought after in pilates studios and gyms, both locally and worldwide.  Most of our past trainees proudly complain that their schedules are "too full"!  
We have dedicated to Pilates and only Pilates since the mid-90s, and have followed the science and research along the way to ensure the program is always evolving to offer cutting edge information to each new group of instructors.
QUESTION: How long is the program?
ANSWER:  Our actual contact hours last about 1 year.  There are 6 modules and time between each module to assimilate and practie the content delivered. Your personal completion of the program is then dependent on your schedule.  We know some people take longer than others due to work and family committements.  We schedule our final test-out twice each year, and when you are finishing up your hours, you can register for that test.  There is no testing fee. The final test is included in your tuition.
QUESTION: What are the total hours of the program? 
*hours subject to variation. Please refer to the current year program materials or course instructors
QUESTION:  I live kind of far/ I really love the studio I attend.  Do my hours have to happen at Pilates Chicago?
ANSWER: Nope. You are welcome to complete your personal hours at the studio that is most convenient for you.  We will be happy to communicate with the instructors or owners at the facility if they have any questions on how to support you.  Keep in mind, while use of our studio is free of charge, other studios may charge you a rental fee to reserve your time.     
QUESTION: Do I have to pay for extra sessions while I am in the program?
ANSWER: No. While in the Mat program, you are welcome to attend any of our Mat classes free of charge.  We know instructor training is a big financial commitment, and we want practice to be easily accessible during the process.  During the studio modules, you are entitled to 3 Private sessions and 2 equipment classes in each module, to ensure you are getting enough attention while practicing the new material.
QUESTION: What is your cancellation/refund policy?
ANSWER:  Unless otherwise specified in a course registration, our cancellation policy is as follows:
All deposits and unapplied funds are non-refundable, but can be used for future course registrations within a 2 year time frame.
Cancellation more that 1 month prior to the course. 100% refund (minus deposit)
Cancellation less than 1 month to 48 prior to first class, 50% refund (minus deposit)
We cannot provide refunds for cancellation in less than 48 hours of the course beginning, as there is inadequate time to fill your spot. (ex. a course beginning on Sat at 9AM must be cancelled by Thur at 9AM for a refund).

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Pilates Chicago honors Illinois 3-day right to cancel law regarding contracts and memberships.

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Introductory packages have 3 month expiration,

Group Equipment packages and Private Session packages have 1 yr expiration.

Occasionally a refund is requested for relocation, job change, illness, or other reasons.  In the event a refund is requested, your used session will be converted to the lowest rate for the amount of sessions used and the difference will be refunded by check.  

For example, if you purchased a 10-pack and used 6 sessions prior to requesting a refund, your purchase will be converted to a 5-pack and 1 singe session, then the difference will be issued.


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