Rocking and Rolling to Release™


This course uses specific body positions coupled with gentle rocking movement to facilitate the release. A semi hard ball is used to further enhance the release by adding pressure. A softer ball is also used to help support the body as well as to aid in the rocking

The course comprises several “sequences” that will move the body through different planes of motion activating the fascial lines throughout and facilitating release. These sequences may be integrated into any group fitness/Pilates mat class.

Workshop price- USD400. This includes one manual and two balls.

Register directly with Center for Women's Fitness



Freedom and stability in the trunk depend on freedom and stability in the hips. In this course, we will use the model of lumbo-pelvi-femoral rhythm as a means of organizing the legs, pelvis, and low back in whole body movements.


This model integrates and improves upon both static models of lumbar stabilization (neutral pelvis/spine) and the Classical Pilates view of spinal mobility (“one vertebra at a time”).

As teachers, our tools are demonstration, touch, and language.



To be effective teachers our demonstration must be fully embodied, our touch supportive, and our language direct or poetic as needed. Movement Science Made Simple joins current concepts in anatomy, kinesiology, and motor learning with time-tested movement training strategies, giving workshop participants new skills to work with diverse client populations.



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