You can catch​ a class with Jen anywhere, anytime on the world's most popular online Pilates venue!
As a regularly featured instructor, she currently has 9  workouts and tutorials to choose from!
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Mat Workout

Jennifer Golden Zumann

Mod. Pace

Level 2 25 min


Tower Workout

Jennifer Golden Zumann

Mod. Pace

Level 2 50 min

Jen's first Education video is LIVE on FusionPilatesEDU! (Sept 8th)
is a practical course intended to simplify complex concepts through the use of small props. We will explore use of studio accessories, such foam roller and various balls, to enhance and inform traditional Pilates exercises and biomechanical concepts. Learn how and when to choose various props, and build a repertoire of exercises for in-studio or at-home practice.
Take this 1¾ hr course to
  • earn CEC's
  • building your teaching knowledge
  • improve your personal, at-home workout
Only $39!  Watch it now!


Pre-Industrial humans viewed their bodies as invaluable tools necessary for survival. How many of these intrinsic strengths have we lost?

Join Jennifer Golden Zumann in this online Pilates workshop designed to enhance and revive your innate awareness of the upper spine, shoulders, and arms while offering effective cues and exercises to teach your clients to reclaim their primal power.

In this online Pilates workshop Jennifer Golden Zumann shares her approach to thoracic integration. The ribs and their placement are often a source of frustration for instructors and clients alike. By understanding the mechanics and fascial intricacies of the thorax as it relates to the pelvis and extremities, one might discover that “unlocking the cage” can be the key to unraveling innumerable compensatory patterns and establishing new, optimal movement strategies.
Jennifer will also teach visual and palpation techniques using the ribs and thorax for both assessment and effective global corrections, as well as clear exercises to give your client for their development of body awareness and ownership of the their own movement patterns.

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