Group Mat

Beginner Mat: 

Never tried Pilates before? Maybe you enjoy focusing on the foundational work. This class is designed to challenge all fitness levels while being specifically geared towards those who prefer a slower pace.


Open Mat:

Stretch and strengthen you way to a strong and resilient body in this ALL LEVEL class. Instructors will guide you through a series of traditional Pilates exercises. Instruction will be given to accommodate and challenge each individual attendee. *also open to Beginners


Pilates Props:

This Class will enhance the Pilates mat class by adding props such as Spine Corrector, Foam Roller, Bands, Balls, Circles, etc. Modifications will be given for varying levels.

Group Equipment

Reformer Plus:

This full body toning and stretching workout is intended for those with a generally healthy body. This class will focus primarily on the Universal Reformer, but The instructor may also visit the  Wunda Chair, Tower, or the small apparatus. 


Pilates Tower:

Based on one of the very first pieces of apparatus Joseph Pilates invented, the Wall Unit (or Tower) will take you on an exploration of all planes of movement. Arm springs, Leg Springs, Push Through Bar, and more will be used in a variety of seated, lying and even standing exercises for a well-rounded workout.


Wunda Chair:

The Wunda Chair is a versatile, clever, compact piece of Pilates equipment. This popular class is challenging to everyone yet accessible to anyone.


Private Instruction

Our most popular service!

Get 1-1 attention to meet your personal needs and goals with a highly qualified instructor.  We offer private sessions evening 7 days a week.

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Cancellations and Refunds:

Pilates Chicago honors Illinois 3-day right to cancel law regarding contracts and memberships.

You purchase will never lose it's dollar value. We will honor dollar value when a discounted series has expired.  

Introductory packages have 3 month expiration,

Group Equipment packages and Private Session packages have 1 yr expiration.

Occasionally a refund is requested for relocation, job change, illness, or other reasons.  In the event a refund is requested, your used session will be converted to the lowest rate for the amount of sessions used and the difference will be refunded by check.  

For example, if you purchased a 10-pack and used 6 sessions prior to requesting a refund, your purchase will be converted to a 5-pack and 1 singe session, then the difference will be issued.


We cannot issue credit card refunds.