Time for Growth

Our dedicated faculty have worked year after year to provide a unique and innovative training program. We strive to maintain a current approach of movement science and research.  That said, we have determined it is time for the Pilates Chicago Instructor Training Program to take a sabbatical.

Our team is dedicating 2020 to program development to launch the most comprehensive and nurturing training programs available in the field. 

We'll see you in late 2020!   Join our mailing list to keep up to date!

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Edgewater Neighborhood

6101 N Clark St 


Tel: 773-274-2673

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Cancellations and Refunds:

Pilates Chicago honors Illinois 3-day right to cancel law regarding contracts and memberships.

You purchase will never lose it's dollar value. We will honor dollar value when a discounted series has expired.  

Introductory packages have 3 month expiration,

Group Equipment packages and Private Session packages have 1 yr expiration.

Occasionally a refund is requested for relocation, job change, illness, or other reasons.  In the event a refund is requested, your used session will be converted to the lowest rate for the amount of sessions used and the difference will be refunded by check.  

For example, if you purchased a 10-pack and used 6 sessions prior to requesting a refund, your purchase will be converted to a 5-pack and 1 singe session, then the difference will be issued.


We cannot issue credit card refunds.